Happy 2019?

Be Careful What You Wish For

2019 is not off to the start I was expecting. Granted, my house is clean, as I was forced to clean it in an attempt to keep a lovely stomach virus from spreading. Apparently, my cleaning skills are lacking, or my cleaning products. Let’s say it’s the latter.

I, unfortunately, have no one else to blame but myself though. As I was updating our white-board calendar in the kitchen for the first week of January 2019, I was amazed to find that every day until school starts again was filled. Granted, I was looking forward to the things as they involved seeing friends, ice skating, working out; all good things, but I still had a small wish flit across my mind for a week of rest and no plans. 

Clear the schedule!

Obviously, my manifesting was on par. (I better figure out how to put it to better use and quick!) I got just what I wished for. New Year’s Day, I was woken up by my youngest throwing up. This was followed by a fever New Year’s Day. Cancel plans for January 2. That night, my oldest came down with it and the vomiting phase did not pass as quickly as it did with my youngest. I tried a roller ball of essential oils on her tummy to settle it (the smell of essential oils made her feel worse), massaged her hands in an attempt to hit pressure points that would stop her from throwing up (this worked when my stepmom did it during a visit and the same thing happened, but apparently my technique was lacking), and I called the on-call doctor to find out when I should worry and what I could do, if anything, because I was at a loss and she was in pain (the doctor told me not to let her drink anything until she had stopped throwing up for twenty to thirty minutes and then to only let her drink 5 ml or 1 tsp at a time until she was able to handle that for twenty to thirty minutes and then up it to 10 ml and so on. Well, she never made it to the twenty-to-thirty-minute point to be able to drink and after seven hours, I called the doctor and took her in. She was given a dissolvable that stopped her from throwing up and we were told that the stomach virus was very contagious—it could still be passed on even after you are feeling better, which is how we got it.

Cancel everything else for the week. That’s right, clear the schedule, and the week of rest and no plans is granted. But, oh, it wasn’t over.

The next night, you guessed it, I was not feeling well. I went to bed when the girls did, and a few hours later felt my stomach roll. I was going to be sick. I did not want to be sick. But my stomach clenched, and nausea swept over me. I grabbed my left hand with my right and pushed on my palm, looking for a pressure point that would help in the stomach region I found on this reflexology chart (even though it had not worked on my daughter—I was desperate). I was hoping against hope I would find the right one, like my stepmother had. It worked. I found one that made my stomach relax, and I pushed. Pretty much immediately my tummy calmed, and I was able to lay for a few minutes before the feeling swept over me again. I pushed on my palm again, and again as the feeling came over me more times than I could count in my half-sleep, half-awareness state. Somehow, I made it through the night, and the next day, the fever set in. Even though I hadn’t thrown up, my stomach was still not happy, and we all ate toast and drank peppermint tea. 

I’m ready 2019!

On the flip side though, it did allow me to finish my desire map planning and get my planner all set up and ready for the year. My goals are the same as I was thinking they would be before I worked through the program, at least the major ones, but I feel more of a lightness about them, if that makes any sense. I’m excited to use my planner to keep me on target for the year and to remind me of the why. Stay tuned and we’ll see what else 2019 has in store for me.

Has your 2019 started how you were thinking it would or has it thrown you for a loop too? Let me know. Until later, fingers crossed for some good rest for all of us.

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