It’s been one of those days

It’s been one of those days as a mama where a lot of chocolate chips were needed.  I had more handfuls than I could count.  I’m a little surprised I didn’t end up with a stomach ache.  My stomach must have known how much I needed them and felt pity enough to handle them.  Thank you stomach.  Those little lovely pieces of sweetness got me through the day and to bedtime.

Then my sole purpose and goal was to stay awake.  Luckily, or should I say why I needed the chocolate, my youngest missed her afternoon nap so was just all kinds of pleasant.  During dinner she threw her food.  She screamed until I took her out of her high chair.  When I put her down she screamed until I picked her up.  Then she pulled my hair and bit me until I finished my dinner, quickly.  On the plus side, and here’s the lucky part, she went to bed quickly.  Too quickly for me to fall asleep with her.

This is where my day started to turn around.  Then I got to snuggle with my oldest on the couch for a bit before it was time for her to go to bed.  She also went to bed quickly.  That left me awake, which hasn’t happened in a few nights, to write.  Oh, how I love to write.

Writing frees me and allows me to forget myself for a bit.  Something I needed to do very much today.  I’ve had a solid two hours to work on my manuscript.  I’ve also had a chance to take stock on the FAD challenge I’m participating in and figure out just how far behind I am and what my nightly word count needs to be to finish.  Instead of 500 a day, I’m looking at a little over 1000 a day to finish all 31,000 words by the end of January.

I’m in big trouble if I miss a few nights of writing.  I might need to up my caffeine intake.  Maybe I’ll switch from the caffeinated tea back to coffee, just for the rest of January.  I’ve been thinking.  I have two kids.  Two young kids.  That should allow me two cups of coffee without guilt.  One cup for each kid.  Makes sense to me.  Now on to accomplishing my writing goal for January and keep 2013 off to a great writing start.  With this post, I’m just about there for today’s word count.

What are your goals for January?  For 2013?


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