I’m a tortoise

A friend, Kate, recently wrote a post about goals that got me thinking.  I don’t have a problem coming up with a list, but crossing them off is another thing.  Why is that and how do I change it?  Her answer doesn’t change how I will go about accomplishing my goals, but will change my goal list.  More specifically, it will shorten my goals down to two.  How do you shorten a lengthy list?  She asks which goals you want more than air.  This one question put everything into perspective for me.

First, I want to be a good mom, while I enjoy my kids.  To accomplish this, I’m going to work on focusing on the moment.

Second, I want to get my manuscript ready to submit.  Now how do I do this when I’ve been struggling with my productivity and the lack of time I’ve had?  (My youngest is teething and hasn’t been sleeping very well lately, which means I haven’t been sleeping very well.)  I’ve been so tired that I’ve been falling asleep at 6pm when I put her to bed and sleeping until midnight or so, only to get up long enough to curse that I fell asleep, yet again, put my pajamas on, brush my teeth and crawl back into bed.  The next day I wake feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by all the things I didn’t get done the night before.  That’s going to change now.

My new writing plan involves caffeine, treats, and not being so hard on myself. 

  • Step one.  I’ve switched from a cup of coffee in the morning to a caffeinated chai tea that I add just a little coffee to for an added kick.  Then, after lunch I have a second cup of caffeinated tea, minus the coffee.  This seems to help me stay awake during bedtime.
  • Step two.  Motivate myself to start writing with a nice cold glass of beer.  Root beer that is (I’m still nursing).  I would have licorice.  That’s my all time favorite, but it’s made with wheat and I’m currently gluten, dairy and egg free.  Not the easiest thing to do, but it’s for my youngest.  She is apparently sensitive to them and as I’m nursing, it became an issue.  She had the worst eczema on her chin.  We’re still dealing with it, but it is so much better.  I digress though.  I have a bit of a treat waiting for me when I sit down to write.  Something I only have while writing.
  • Step three.  Don’t be so hard on myself when I miss a deadline for an assignment or miss a week posting here or fall asleep with the girls and don’t accomplish anything that night.  My instructor knows I’m a mom of two little ones.  She knows I’m struggling with writing time, but am determined.  You know this too.  I may take a break here and there, but I always come back.  If I fall asleep with the girls, even after my caffeine, well then, I must really need the sleep.  I’m also going to remind myself that I’m a tortoise, not a hare.  If I keep at it, I will reach the finish line.

What’s your main goal and how do you plan to accomplish it?


6 thoughts on “I’m a tortoise

  1. memyselfandkids says:

    It sounds like you have really thought about this and have come up w/a wise plan. The big one for me is not being hard on myself. I also have issues w/focus. I need to break it down & have less on my plate & be okay w/ that.

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