Manuscript critique

Wow.  I just noticed that my last post was a month ago.  I’ve been slacking, big time.

Well, time for an update.  I got my first 8000 words of my manuscript back from my instructor.  The comments were what I expected.  It’s a good start, but still needs work.  She did say the beginning is “extremely compelling” and that my writing is “vivid and sensory”.  Yay!!  She also said some parts were “flat and repetitious” and that my protagonist is “passive and pathetic”.  Not so good.

Time to start editing again, majorly.  The good news for me is my two month old is a great sleeper so hopefully I’ll actually have time to do that.  I’ll have to print everything off and edit on paper though.  It will be too hard to edit on the computer with one hand.  I guess I should clarify.  My daughter is a great sleeper when I’m holding her.  (I’m currently typing this with one hand.)  I find I kind of like editing on paper though even though it makes for more work since you have to then go back and make the changes again on the computer.  It’s also nice that I can stick the section I’m working on in my bag.  That way if I have a spare moment somewhere while I’m out, I can still work on it.  I’ll let you know how successful I am next week.


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