Being sleep deprived and an emotional wreck has its benefits

Writing… editing… what’s that?  I have to admit, I’ve done neither the last month.  I’ve been too sleep deprived and emotionally spent to even think about anything creative.  And apparently it shows.

I was pulled over by a cop for talking on the phone.  I usually use my head-piece in the car, but I was making a quick call and didn’t even think about using it.  The next thing I know there are lights behind me.  I pulled over hoping the police car would keep on going, but knew it wouldn’t.  Sure enough it pulled in behind me.  The cop asked if I knew why I was pulled over and I answered him truthfully.  I knew it was because I was on the phone.  I handed over my license and registration and answered all of his questions.  And I started crying (did I mention I was an emotional wreck?  I blame it on the hormones.)  The cop looked at me, looked in the back seat at my two daughters (my youngest only a few weeks old) and told me he would be right back.  I figured he was going to his car to write my ticket.  I was such an obvious wreck though that I think he felt sorry for me because he came back a minute later and handed my license back.  He told me he was going to let me off with a warning and then proceeded to lecture me on why I shouldn’t drive while using my phone.  I thanked him and promised I wouldn’t do it again.  Then I got out of there before he could change his mind.

I guess even being sleep deprived and an emotional wreck has its benefits.  And I guess crying really can get you out of a ticket.


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