Still Pregnant

So apparently it was wishful thinking to believe I was going to have the baby soon.  I’m still pregnant.  Now only three days til my due date.  When I saw my midwife last week, she said I was progressing and it could be any day or I could still go around my due date.  Not much help there.  She’s been thinking all along that my due date was pretty accurate and apparently she’s right.  I’ve even gone in to my acupuncturist twice now for induction treatment and the last time, on Friday, she said she thought I was close.  Close, as in ready to deliver that night.  Nope.  I also had a massage and had all the acupressure points rubbed that are supposed to help start labor as well.  Still nothing.  This baby is apparently nice and comfy right where it’s at and doesn’t want to be rushed.  I’m giving in.  This baby will come when it’s ready and there’s nothing I can do to speed it along.  I’m just trying to take this extra time that I’m getting to work more on editing and finishing up a quilt that I’m making for my four-year old.  Who knows, if this baby decides to wait until after the due date, I may even finish the quilt and have most of my manuscript edited.

I’m also still waiting to get the first 8000 words back from my instructor at the Institute of Children’s Literature.  I’m figuring I’ll be waiting for a while seeing as it’s around the holidays.  That’s OK with me though.  I’m just glad I turned it in.  For some reason it’s easier for me to wait on the writing then it is on the baby.

Maybe it’s because every time I see my mother-in-law, who happens to live on our property, she keeps asking how I’m feeling with a look at my belly.  I also keep getting phone calls wondering if I’ve had the baby yet.  I keep telling people, I’ll let them know.  I guess they don’t believe me, but really, I will.  I did with my first.  Why should they think it will be any different this time around.  And my mother-in-law will know when I’m feeling something other than normal as I’m having a home birth.  I think the midwife showing up will be more than enough of a sign to say I’m feeling something.  With my writing I don’t have to deal with this.  I guess that’s why it’s easier to wait on.

Well, that’s it for tonight.  I’m going to bed earlier, trying to stay rested for the moment that the Braxton-Hicks contractions decide to become real.  Could still be awhile though. At least I’ll be well rested if that’s the case.


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