Writing under pressure

So the deadline for the writing contest is today and I’m happy to say that I submitted my story yesterday.  Although I’ve been writing children’s stories (or trying to I guess I should say since I haven’t sold any yet) this is my first attempt at an early reader story.  Trying to get a story together in 150 words or less was not easy.  My first draft wasn’t even half way written when I hit 150 words.  I definitely had to work to keep my word count down.

So to be honest, I didn’t really start or really focus on this story until the deadline was getting closer and closer.  I am definitely a deadline writer.  The funny thing is the deadline has to be set in stone… no way for me to push it back.  I’ve been taking a course through The Institute of Children’s Literature.  It’s been great so far and has really helped me gain more confidence and learn so much more about editing and the whole submission process.  You work one on one with an instructor who is a published author.  Your instructor will give you a deadline for when each assignment is due.  I don’t think I have submitted one assignment out of the eight I’ve sent in on time.  I keep moving the date back for each assignment.  This really frustrates me because I want to get them in by the due date but with everything else in my life, the assignments, like the rest of my writing keep getting pushed to the end of the line.  I need to figure out a better approach then the one I’ve been using.

I’m still working on the 100 Day Challenge with a friend and I finally got the book The Write Type by Karen E. Peterson and am working my way through it.  I will let you know what I think of it when I finish and whether or not either of these have helped me figure out a better approach.


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