New Approach For A New Year

Happy New Year!  So, I’ve dropped the ball.  I didn’t finish the Challenge, at least not yet.  I still plan on reaching the goals I set out, just on my extended time frame.  I have however figured out a few things that I think are pretty important.  I have realized I will not be able to create more time in my life to write.  I get a few hours at most at night once my daughter is in bed and that is it.  Trying to write every night and staying up to 2 am to try to fit writing in does not work for me.  That doesn’t mean to say I can’t work on my writing every day though or at least try to.  I have plenty of opportunity throughout the day where I can think about my writing.  I do a lot of things that do not take my whole attention, like dishes or laundry, where I can be thinking about my writing.  I have also given myself permission to take a little time to relax at the end of the day, whether that be with tv or solitaire on my phone (my new time sucking addiction).  I think relaxing a little is important.  Hopefully this will allow me to focus 100% on my writing while I’m writing instead of thinking of how much I want to just veg out.  With these in mind, my new writing plan is to pick a night or two a week to write and have the other nights to focus on the other things in my life that I need to get done, like pay bills, spend time with the husband, get other tasks done (like finally finishing my daughters baby book).  I have also ordered The Write Type: Discover Your True Writer’s Identity and Create a Customized Writing Plan by Karen E. Peterson which I found thanks to Kristi Holl’s blog.  I’m hoping this book will help me succeed in my writing.  I have big plans for 2011.  Stay tuned to see how I do.


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