Coming clean

So, Angela Booth, you’ve lost me. I’m coming clean. I’ve been trying to be positive, but it’s time to be real. I haven’t given up, but my daily tasks haven’t been getting done. Figuring out 20-30 minute tasks has eluded me. I was putting the same thing down multiple nights and it got discouraging. Even finding the time to write about not writing eluded me. At the end of the day and after the first few weeks of staying up later and later to write, I just couldn’t do it anymore. My husband also decided he wanted to spend more and more time with me at night. Let’s see… writing or spending time with my husband, who I feel like I’ve rarely seen the past few months until recently… not a hard choice. I’m still writing, just not everyday. I’ll finish my Challenge goals, just not by January 1. So thanks for the kick-start and for the advice. I have learned and I’ll keep on learning and I’ll keep on writing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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