Staying sane and writing… is it possible for a full-time mom?

I’ve hit the point where I usually take a break from writing.  I’ve been staying up later and later trying to get my writing time in and I am exhausted.  I’ve started falling asleep with my daughter when I put her to bed at 7pm and I still wake up exhausted.  I’ve been trying to only watch tv every other day.  TV is my retreat.  It doesn’t take any energy from me to sit on the couch and it helps me relax.  Who am I kidding, it keeps me sane.  Unfortunately it also has the habit of sucking me in.  One show turns into two and so on.  It doesn’t help that I don’t have a desk (we live in a small house) and I usually work on the couch with the blank tv just staring at me begging to turn it on.

I have figured out a few things that have helped me find writing time where there is none though.  I recently pulled my voice recorder back out and have it stashed in the car.  Lots of ideas come to me while I am driving.  Not a good place to be able to write things down and by the time I get where I’m going, I’ve lost them.  Now I just pull out the recorder and record away.  Now that I’ve been writing regularly, things will pop into my head more often as well.  I have a note-book handy when I’m at home and in my purse so no matter where I am, I can take a few seconds to jot things down.  Anything more than a few seconds and my daughter wants to see my notebook and do some “writing” herself.  I’ve tried giving her a notebook to write in while I write in one, but she always wants the one I’m writing in.  Anyway, a few seconds is enough to get my thoughts down so I can come back to them later that night and work on them then.

How do you find time to write?


2 thoughts on “Staying sane and writing… is it possible for a full-time mom?

  1. igziabeher says:

    lol, first off i do all my best writing after midnight for some odd reason. secondly, i just never force it. if i have it in me, i can write forever, but if i don’t have the ambition then i don’t even pick up the pen. at least, that seems to work easiest for me. it all depends on the subject though and my personal investment into it. I can write easily about something I care deeply about, not so much w/ something I couldn’t be bothered with. hope that helps…

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