Sleep, I miss you

I’m at the end of my third week for Angela Booth’s 100 Day Writing Challenge ( I have not figured out how to create any more writing time really, but am making progress on my goal. Very slow progress though. Occasionally I will find a few minutes here or there that I can write, but for what I’m working on at the moment, I need more than that to really accomplish anything. So, my sleep has become shorter and shorter. This week has really been tough. One night I only got four hours of sleep. I am determined to write everyday and not fall back into my “I’m too tired tonight, I’ll write tomorrow” mindset though. I do worry a little about how this will affect my parenting. When I don’t get sleep, my patience drastically decreases and with a toddler I need all the patience I can get. A new goal I hope to meet by the end of the Challenge is to figure out some sort of schedule that will allow me to be rested (at least as much as I can be with a toddler who wakes up with the rising sun), have a little bit of time to relax and unwind (which helps me keep my sanity) and still be productive everyday with my writing. If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big!

For the Challenge, I am about to complete my first step towards my goal… I will be mailing off a submission this week. My task tonight besides blogging is to make the last few edits and print it off so I can get it in the mail. It will be so nice to send my story on its way, but at the same time, the waiting is the hardest part. Every time I open my mailbox I’ll be looking for the SASE. To make that happen though I need to complete tonight’s task. Until next week…


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