I’m on my way to being published!

Day 2

Choose one goal to focus on.  That would be having at least five pieces submitted to magazines.  I would love to have the goal of being published by the end of this challenge, but as I have already found out, it can take six months to hear back from a magazine.  That’s more than 100 days.  So, I will focus on what I can control.  The number of pieces I have out there.  If I have five pieces submitted by the end of this challenge, I’m thinking it will only be a matter of time before I sell one of them.  We’ll see…

I know it’s only day 2, but I’m feeling pretty good about this challenge.  It has focused me and I am actually putting in the time that I always tell myself I will, but never actually do.  Some tv time or sleep after I get my toddler to bed always seem so much more inviting.  Angela also suggested using a timer utility and I have to say that is helping.  Who knew something so small could help so much.  There’s still room for improvement though.  I’ve given myself 15 minutes to write this blog post, but I’ve already had to reset it.  Hopefully I’ll be a lot quicker at getting my thoughts organized by the end of this.  My productivity will greatly increase I’m sure.  Maybe there will be room in my future for writing and some nice relaxing tv time and sleep.  I can dream.  Until then, I’ll be plodding away at this challenge one day at a time and drinking a BIG cup of coffee in the morning when my little one decides it’s time to get up.

To find out more about the challenge or see other writer’s journeys, go to http://www.writingchallenge.net/


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